Instacommentor The application to manage comments on Instagram

The day will probably come when you accumulate hundreds or even thousands of followers on your Instagram profile and obviously the more your number of followers grows, the more complicated it will be to manage that large community. Also if in your case you use Instagram to promote your brand, you will have no choice but to help yourself with a system or application that allows you to manage comments on Instagram and thus pay good attention to your community.

The Instagram community is growing so fast that in these cases the application is quite short, so you are forced to resort to other applications for certain tasks and in the case of comment management, Instacommentor may be the reference application.

Manage comments on Instagram efficiently thanks to Instacommentor .

You may not give it much importance now, but believe us, if there is something that your followers are grateful for is that you answer their comments and with hundreds or thousands of them that task is no longer so simple, hence our interest in letting you know the application of Instacommentor .

Instacommentor is a mobile application that uses the Instagram API to connect to your platform and manage the comments of your photos efficiently.

When you install the application, the first thing you should do is connect it to your Instagram account , entering your username and password. Once this is done, the application synchronizes with your Instagram account to detect and sort all the comments written on your photos. You should keep in mind that the first time you synchronize it may take a little longer, especially if you have many comments on your photos.

After synchronization you can start browsing the different sections of the application and this is where the interesting part comes from. Here are the three main sections available to Instacommentor :

User Section It is the first section you see when you enter the application, it shows your profile picture and a summary of the number of comments written by users, the comments answered and the total sum of both.
My publications A list with all your published photos is shown, next to each one you can the number of comments written and answered.
Comments. In this case, the list of users who have commented on your photos and the text of the comment is displayed directly.
What are the advantages of using Instacommentor ?

If you don’t have much comment activity on your photos yet, it doesn’t make much sense to use this tool. It is clear that Instacommentor is focused on very active Instagram profiles with a high volume of followers. In this situation, you realize that the advantages of managing comments using Instacommentor are more than obvious and now we explain why.

Multi-user function Very useful if you have several buy real ig comments and want to separate your personal posts from those of your business. With this function you can manage the comments of several profiles without having to log in each time with a different user.
List view. It is perfect to have a quick view of the number of comments written on your photos, how many you have answered and how many you have left to answer.
Hide comments. Instacommentor allows you to hide comments so that they are not taken into account when responding, in addition it also allows you to hide in block all the comments of a specific user that you do not want to answer.

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